Circular economy in the "Sustainability Navigator" for the Zurich Airport Region

We are committed to sustainable digitalization. The first concrete project in the area of the circular economy is being implemented together with partners as part of the Sustainability Navigator.

FRZ plays a pioneering role in the circular economy and sustainable digitalization in Switzerland. The aim is to give used ICT hardware a second life and reduce CO2 emissions.

Project Highlights ICT Circular Economy

  • Reusing and upcycling ICT hardware to give them a second life and thus reduce CO2 emissions and raw material requirements.
  • Circular Economy Report, which supports companies, communities and other organizations with their sustainability goals.
  • Joint circular economy report at regional level to increase the appeal of the airport region.
  • Your data will be deleted in a secure environment when you hand over the hardware in Switzerland. In addition, you will receive a cashback at market value.
  • Cooperation with trusted partners such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Klein Computer System AG.
  • HP Switzerland is also an important partner of Klein Computer System AG and FRZ. HP and Klein recommend that all customers no longer buy the devices, but obtain them as a "Device as a Service" (DAAS). Here too: At the end of the lease, the devices are given a second life.


Rahel Kindermann Leuthard, managing director of FRZ: “The Zurich airport region shows how business and sustainability can go hand in hand. ”

Daniele Kohler, Hewlett Packard Enterprise: “The ICT Asset Life Cycle Service makes a valuable contribution to sustainable development. ”

Your contacts

  • Sustainability navigator and overall project:
    FRZ Zurich airport region, Rachel Kindermann Leuthard,, T 044 839 10 10
  • Secure hardware return and deletion of data in Switzerland:
    Klein Computer System AG, Wolfgang Klein,, T 044 802 72 72
  • Sustainability report, upcycling and cashback:
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bill Boda,, T 043 547 24 03
  • HP Device as a Service (DAAS): Wolfgang Klein,, Tel 044 802 72 72

Presentation at the ICT Roundtable: Rahel Kindermann Leuthard (FRZ), Wolfgang Klein (Klein Computer System AG) and Daniele Kohler (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, right).

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A second life for hardware

Increasing digitization is leading to an increasing amount of electronic waste. In addition, data centers consume around 25% of computer resources globally due to their increasing relevance. The FRZ is facing these challenges and wants to take on a pioneering role in ICT sustainability through its projects. FRZ's main goal is to give used ICT hardware a second life. By recycling and reusing this hardware, the need for raw materials and thus the environmental impact of the production of new devices is reduced. Customers can also receive a circular economy report, which can be incorporated into their own sustainability reports. Although the ICT sector accounts for around 2% of CO2 emissions worldwide, the correct use of ICT can help to avoid as much as 18% of global CO2 emissions. This shows the immense potential of digitization when it comes to protecting and preserving our planet.

The project in detail

ICT circular economy project goals with HPE and Klein Computer System AG:

  • FRZ is establishing a sustainable ICT circular economy process for ICT devices used.
  • FRZ pursues the goal of ensuring a second life and use of used ICT hardware components, regardless of manufacturer
  • FRZ customers also receive a circular economy report for their achievement of ESG goals. (ESG: Environmental, Social & Governance) — Click here for an example of a circular economy report for FRZ members

Click here for the presentation FRZ Circular Economy Report & Services by Daniele Kohler, Lead Enterprise Business Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Detailed statement from Daniele Kohler, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Daniele Kohler from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Switzerland and ICT Advisory Board explains: “It is about the outstanding importance of the ICT Asset Life Cycle Service from Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Klein Computer System AG for companies, political decision makers and FRZ members. This innovative and sustainable offer aims to promote the circular economy across the FRZ region based on the three central pillars of “environment”, “social” and “economy.” This project is in line with the Federal Council's political agenda, which was adopted in June 2021 under the title “Sustainable Development 2030 (SNE 2030)”.

In this context, the ICT circular economy makes a significant contribution to extending the life of these devices by reusing ICT equipment and makes a pioneering contribution to sustainable reductions in areas such as “mining of new raw materials”, “CO2 emissions”, “energy consumption”, “ICT waste”, “non-metals” and “metal waste”, among others. In addition, all FRZ members receive an “ICT Circular Economy Report”, which illustrates the added value of “reuse” by quantitatively recording the “environmental effects” and the savings achieved (both operationally and financially). This report also confirms the efforts of FRZ members to achieve their sustainability goals and underlines their commitment to a sustainable future.”

Background and status quo of current projects

As mentioned, the FRZ has initiated several specific projects to promote sustainability. Several projects developed as part of ICT Advisory Board workshops are already on the home stretch. In addition to the topic of circular economy, projects on topics such as volunteering and diversity in human resources are also being promoted. This road map was presented at the FRZ ICT Roundtable on September 26, 2023 in Glatt Tower, Wallisellen. Click here for the detailed presentation by Rahel Kindermann Leuthard, Managing Director of FRZ Zurich Airport Region — Business Network & Location Development.

  1. ICT circular economy for FRZ
  2. The aim is to establish a sustainable circular economy process for ICT devices in the region.
  3. The implementation includes the ICT Asset LifeCycle Service, which is supported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Klein Computer System AG to reuse used ICT hardware components regardless of the manufacturer.
  4. A circular economy report helps FRZ members achieve their ESG goals and promotes the federal government's “Sustainable Development 2030” strategy.
  5. A pilot project is being carried out with the cities of Dübendorf and Kloten to market the concept and get other FRZ companies excited about the initiative.
  6. Social commitment in the FRZ
  7. The focus is on expanding volunteer work in the region — according to the motto “From FRZ, for FRZ” — encouraging employees from FRZ member companies to get involved locally in community projects.
  8. Sustainable HR best practices
  9. The aim is to promote sustainable HR practices to attract, retain and train ICT talent in the region.
  10. The initiative supports SMEs in the fight against the shortage of skilled workers and promotes the hiring of career changers, retirees and people with disabilities.
  11. ESG Easy Report for FRZ
  12. Member companies receive an ESG Easy Report to better understand their ESG reporting obligations, potential supply chain risks and their carbon footprint.
  13. The process is simple, with quick registration and a chatbot-based Q&A session that takes less than 20 minutes.
    Specifically: In less than 20 minutes, FRZ members learn to what extent they are affected by potential regulation or potential ESG risks from customers and the supply chain, including an assessment of the CO2 footprint and ESG recommendation with areas of action.
  14. This is done in collaboration with Carbon Connect AG
  15. Sustainability digital checkup
  16. A digital tool helps member companies take their first steps towards a more sustainable future.
  17. The tool should also help to sensitize employees and to derive concrete measures to improve sustainability.
  18. This is done in collaboration with tfy-consult

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