The most attractive business network in Switzerland

Take advantage of the location benefits of the Zurich airport region!

Welcome to the No. 1 economic and growth region in Switzerland - and the region with the best transport connections in the world:

  • More than 12,000 companies in the economic area around the airport, including numerous large international companies (see well-known companies in the region)
  • 10 minutes to the city center of Zurich
  • 10 minutes to Zurich airport
  • 1,400 punctual public transport connections to all regions of Switzerland and neighboring countries every day
  • Over 5,100 flights a week to destinations all over the world with over 170 direct connections (2019 figures)

Business and entrepreneur-friendly environment

  • Short distances in customer-oriented authorities
  • Attractive tax climate and political stability
  • Moderate real estate prices in the available business premises

Dynamic growth

  • Almost 12,670 companies with around 151,500 employees in the Zurich airport region
  • Stable growth prospects for companies
  • 2,000 new jobs per year (source: Statistical Office)
  • 189,000 inhabitants
  • Rising population figures with high purchasing power

Innovation and knowledge-intensive companies

The variety of industries in our region is large and characterized by its proximity to the airport and its connection to the city of Zurich:

  • Companies in the aviation industry
  • Suppliers and services
  • IT and related services
  • Business-related services
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Construction and real estate services
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Various manufacturing companies in electronics, chemicals, metal construction, etc.
  • Food industry
  • Hotel industry / gastronomy
  • Pharmaceutical industry and many more

Highly flexible labor market with qualified specialists

  • The Swiss labor market offers one of the most liberal labor laws in Europe with a very low level of regulation
  • Productivity ranked 1st worldwide (WEF, Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 - "labor market efficiency")
  • Virtually no conflicts with employers in the form of strikes etc.
  • High availability of qualified and multilingual workforce
  • Low unemployment

Top values for mobility

  • 10 minutes to Zurich city center
  • 10 minutes to Zurich Airport (travel times by location under "Facts and figures")
  • 1,400 punctual public transport connections to all regions of Switzerland and neighboring countries every day
  • Direct connections with weekly flights all over the world (see above)
  • Direct access to the national and international highway network with connections to Basel, Geneva, St. Gallen, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, etc.
  • Freeway to the center of the city of Zurich

Excellent educational landscape

  • Top universities, research institutions and think tanks
  • Comprehensive range of education at all levels
  • International schools, universities of applied sciences and universities (ETH, University of Zurich, ZHAW)
  • Dual education system (vocational training) with a strong practical focus

Very good living and residential environment

  • Guaranteed personal freedom of movement and security (safest environment in the world)
  • High quality of living with an urban to village ambience
  • Best shopping facilities
  • Recreational opportunities in the immediate vicinity
  • Attractive leisure facilities
  • Rich sports and cultural life