Sustainable Development Goals of the FRZ

For us, sustainability is multidimensional. The term encompasses ecological issues as well as social, economic and organizational aspects.

4 Quality Education

At FRZ, we specifically promote the exchange of knowledge within the community through a wide range of events and enable our members to build up knowledge in thematic workshops and on the basis of best practice examples. In addition, both in-hous and in our community, we focus strongly on promoting young talent and creating a dialog between the generations.

5 Gender Equality

Gender equality is a high priority for us at FRZ. This applies to our internal team, which should be diverse, as well as to our members of the community. We actively promote women in the network and diversity (including on stage) is emphasized at our events. One of our concerns is also to support more women in their development into management positions.

9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

The FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich is the national service center for IT users when it comes to software and hardware. We are committed to further developing the region as a "digital and ICT hub" in which educational institutions, start-ups and strong established companies can benefit from each other to the greatest possible extent.

11 Sustainable Cities & Communities

Promoting sustainability in our region and the local communities is a key concern for us at FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich. We use our community to create a platform for exchange and knowledge transfer and provide targeted support for sustainable initiatives, such as expanding the tram lines in the region.

12 Responsible Consumption & Production

We actively promote responsible consumption and sustainable production at FRZ. We do this through our own events as well as through specific offers, e.g. in the area of circular economy, which our members can access.

17 Partnerships For The Goals

Being a regional network, our strength lies in bringing people together. This is something we do with great passion and we build valuable partnerships for example around our "Sustainability Navigator", that support our members on their path for a more socially and ecologically sustainable future.