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The FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich - Business Network & Location Development - has set up an ICT Task Force to promote digitalization and the expansion of information technology around Zurich Airport.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich— Economic Network & Location Development — has founded an ICT task force. The Zurich airport region is to become a hotspot for information technology and digitization. This makes the region even more attractive for resettlement. A larger supply of jobs serves both the real estate sector and the economy as a whole.

“ICT Advisors” is a task force and advisory board of the FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich — fully operational since mid-2021 — supporting the immediate and wider Zurich airport region with several million inhabitants and FRZ members in further improving innovation, infrastructure and the environment for ICT. “That the greater Zurich area — already Google's most important location outside the USA — will become Europe's leading IT hub: That is our vision,” explains Peter Arnold, Head Communications & Business Development of the FRZ Zurich Airport Region.

Connecting ICT decision makers

Digitalization should be accelerated and innovation management optimized. An information and networking event is held every three months at the Radisson Blu Hotel Zurich Airport. As an expert advisory board and a new exclusive forum, ICT Advisors wants to connect ICT-relevant players within and outside the ICT sector even more closely. Regular surveys are also planned. According to Arnold, the FRZ initiative is complementary to the “digital — Switzerland” and ETH Zurich initiative. According to ETH's strategy and development plan 2021 — 2024, the Zurich economic area and other Swiss locations are increasingly becoming IT hubs. Arnold about the background to the new initiative: “Information and communication technology is more than ever an important driver of innovation. Innovation, in turn, is the formula for success in site development.”

Create another ecosystem

The open, cross-sector network of FRZ was an important success factor for the organization right from the start. An ecosystem around the topic of construction and real estate has quickly formed. “It has been shown that such an ecosystem is urgent and important, especially when it comes to technology,” Arnold continues. The initiative is based on best practice, dialogue and networking. Landing page: More information:

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Digital Transformation Initiative of the World Economic Forum

Welcome to the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI). The initiative offers unique insights into the impact of digital technologies on business and against society over the next decade. DTI Research supports collaboration between the public and private sectors focused on ensuring that digitalization unlocks new levels of prosperity for both industry and society. See video

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New priorities for digital Switzerland

Environmental and data aspects should be given more attention in federal digital policy in the future. To make this possible, the Federal Council adopted the updated “Digital Switzerland” strategy on September 11, 2020. It also takes into account the importance of digitization for the functioning of the country in crisis situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic, whose effects on digital policy are to be analysed in more detail. More: media release

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Making Zurich Airport Region and Switzerland a Leading Digital Innovation Hub

Leading Digital Innovation Hub: This is the goal of ICT Task Force of the FRZ Flughafenregion Zürich as well as the national association Digital Switzerland. In contrast to the FRZ task force “FRZ Advisors”, Digital Switzerland primarily wants to get involved politically and, for example, improve the education and training situation in the ICT sector. The FRZ Task Force focuses on best practice, dialogue and networking.

The ICT Advisory Board (FRZ Advisors) is a task force of the FRZ Zurich airport region. It supports the nearby and wider Zurich airport region and FRZ members to further improve innovation, infrastructure and the environment for ICT. Digitalization should be accelerated and innovation management optimized. It's about digital transformation, business intelligence and business technology. This initiative is tailored to the goals of the existing location development concept of the FRZ Zurich airport region with the following three strategic priorities: 1. Location marketing: making qualities known — 2. Platform: promoting dialogue — 3. Innovation: using potential. The ICT Advisory Board wants to connect ICT-relevant players — within and outside the ICT sector — even more closely. The cross-sector task force acts as a platform for continuous dialogue between relevant actors (see also information under the heading “Business Network”).

Are you interested in joining the FRZ Task Force? Then contact the FRZ Flughafenregion Zürichoffice: or


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