A village between nature and the airport: Winkel is a place to feel at home. The municipality consists of the three villages of Winkel, Rüti and Seeb.

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Winkel is located east of the airport between the cities of Bülach and Kloten. The three districts of Winkel, Rüti and Seeb are nestled in natural surroundings, which is why Winkel is a very popular place to live. Forests, meadows and nature reserves invite you to go on long walks and hikes. Despite its rural character, Winkel is ideally located in terms of transport: The nearby airport connects Winkel with the whole world and the metropolis of Zurich is very easy to reach by public transport.

In Winkel, people meet in the village center, which has a Volg with an integrated postal agency, a butcher, a bakery and a large hall where municipal and regional activities take place. In recent years, Winkel has grown significantly in terms of population and now has around 5,000 inhabitants.

With actively maintained club life, it is possible to quickly connect with the village community. For those interested in culture, there is also a wide range of offers in Winkel and the surrounding area, whether historic with the Roman estate in Seeb or with the Theatre of Kammerspiele Seeb.

The settlement area of Winkel and Seeb has now grown together. Winkel and Rüti are separated by a hilltop on Dettenberg; Rüti itself consists of the two districts of Oberrüti and Niederrüti, which have also grown together today. Part of a runway at Zurich Airport is also located in the municipality of Winkler.

Selected companies in Winkel: IMMOSEEKER, Man and machine Switzerland, Dober real estate, Doufas Kältetechnik Schweiz, Juice Technology, Garage Harlacher.