The booming city of Dübendorf is the fourth largest city in the canton of Zurich. With the growth of the Zurich metropolitan region, it has become an urban settlement.

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With over 30,000 inhabitants, Dübendorf is the fourth-largest town in the canton of Zurich (after Zurich, Winterthur and Uster) and an attractive residential community in the immediate vicinity of the city of Zurich. Population growth is above average. The number of inhabitants is now 30 percent higher than in 2005, and since then Dübendorf has experienced the strongest building boom since the 1950s. The town comprises the districts of Dübendorf, Gfenn, Hermikon and Stettbach in the upper Glattal as well as the outlying districts of Gockhausen, Geeren and Dübelstein on the northern slope of the Adlisberg.

Important employers

The benefits of a town center, such as a wide range of educational and leisure activities, a variety of jobs, a vibrant culture and an extremely good transport infrastructure, are all part of Dübendorf's characteristics. Furthermore, Dübendorf offers a valuable and varied recreational area on both sides of the Glatt. Dübendorf can count on the following important employers, among others: Empa, GammaRenax, Helsana, Huawei, SV Group.

Skyguide which is responsible for air traffic control and has its headquarters in Geneva, is often attributed to Dübendorf (or even Kloten) in the Zurich area. Officially, however, the location is called Wangen. The company writes its address as follows: Skyguide, Flugsicherungsstrasse 1-5, 8602 Wangen bei Dübendorf - See also Google Maps.

JaBee Tower and Three Points as a new trademark

A new skyline is developing in the Hochbord area, in the immediate vicinity of Stettbach railroad station: The JaBee Tower – also known colloquially as the "lipstick" - is around 100 meters high. There are 218 rental apartments on 27 floors. In 2024, the 265 condominiums in the Three Points development will also be ready for occupation. At 103, 111 and 113 meters, the trio are the tallest residential buildings in Switzerland. An event hall, The Hall, was also opened in the immediate vicinity of Stettbach station in 2017.

The Dübendorf airfield, where the Zurich Innovation Park has been created as part of the Swiss Innovationspark Zurich , is another focus of development. The Giessen site is now home to a new development with several apartment buildings and the Giessenturm, another high-rise building visible from afar.

Many sights

Despite its proximity to Zurich, Dübendorf has developed independently. The lively town on the Glatt has been growing steadily for years and is valued as an attractive place to live and work.

Dübendorf has many places of interest. One of the best known is the Air Force Center flying museum. Also worth seeing are: Dübelstein castle ruins, Lazariter church, Obere Mühle, Gfenn district, Gockhausen/Geeren district, Hermikon district and Stettbach district (see also municipal website).

The following companies are based in Dübendorf, among others: Empa, GammaRenax, Helsana, Huawei, SV Group. Givaudan, Maagtechnic, Mobatime, HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Schweiz), ERA Franchise Suisse, Otto Rupf, synedra information technologies, Aveniq, Zebra Fashion, Acamed, imc, Jean-Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics, L’TUR Suisse, Lorch, World Vision, Atlona International, Trek Fahrrad, enerpeak, Zetes AutoID Systems, Loacker Swiss, Collini, BKW | antec group, Unilabs, Flisom, Sportcenter Schumacher, Netstream.